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Help with using ModelClip....

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Joined: 2004-07-24

I'm having great difficulty correctly using ModelClip. No matter what
I do, the results always seem tied to the final coordinate system of the
displayed image. That is, using axis-aligned clip planes positioned at
the origin, with the X-plane enabled, the right (or left) side of the
image is clipped. Similarly, with the Y-plane enabled, the top (or
bottom) half of the image is clipped. With Z-plane enabled, I get the black-screen-of-death, or (if I offset the plane slightly from the
origin) I either get things in the foreground or things in the background
clipped. This is true no matter where my viewpoint is in the scene.

I've studied long and hard the ModelClipTest examples in the standard
demos, to no avail. I've tried placing the ModelClip node into
various places in the scenegraph -- nada.

A difference between my code and ModelClipTest is that I use a custom
ViewingPlatform that contains a three-stage MultiTransformGroup (one
for positioning, another for head up/down, the 3rd for head
left/right), and I have interactive controls that explicitly set the
transforms in the MTG to adjust where in the worldspace the view
resides. But I wouldn't think this should matter -- I should be able
to somehow/someway tie the clipplanes to objects in the scene, not to
the view.

Right? I'm sure its a misconceptualization on my part -- can anyone help?

Would be *very gratefully* appreciated.

Rick Brownrigg

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Joined: 2004-03-17

This might be caused by Issue 15. See the following URL for a description of the bug and a workaround.

-- Kevin

Joined: 2004-03-17

FYI. We've just fixed issue 15.

- Chien.