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[JAVA3D-INTEREST] BoundingBoxes and Coordinates

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Hi people !

I have written a piece of code to build my own BoundingBoxes because the
autogenerated BoundingSpheres are to big for my needs. that code traverses
the Scenegraph until it reaches a shape3d and then collects all Points in
all geometries. Then it calculates the Box' upper and lower points and sets
the BoundingBox for that Shape3D and returns it. In the Group level the
codes collects all lower BoundingBoxes and make a new one for that Group
by calling BoundingBox(Bounds[]).
Does that contructor respect TransformGroups in between ?
Or have i to transform the returned BoundingBoxes in some way ?
In which coordinate system have the BoundingBoxes to be calculated in ?

MfG, Christian Welzel
(Sektionsvorsitzender und Admin AG DSN Gerokstrasse)

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