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mirror image

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Joined: 2004-03-04

few months ago i asked if it was feasable to do a mirror image of an object.
i have since realised a mirror image would be quite useful but.
if one is doing a mirror image of an entire scene. the amount of transforms could be humongus. so does anybody reckon it would be a good idea to do a mirror image of
a single object maybe.and maybe limit the amount of nodes.
it can mirror.?
and instead on doing it like transforms of a TransformGroup like that was sugested so kindly befor.
doing it like a tranform method of the coordinates of a geometry array like the aviatirx system.
or am i pinching there ideas here or what.?

i reckon mirror image will work but not at a transform level but at a geometry level.
and is there any limit to the amounts of nodes that a machine can have. and if there is, can somebody please tell me how to get that limit from the graphics configuration or whatever?
and can a limit be put on scaling???
what you say??/

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