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Huge textures with JAI

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Joined: 2004-03-31

I'm developing a set of terrain classes for drawing large terrains. I've got my geometry finished (the geometry changes shape based on the location of the viewer, and so looks realistic when you walk across it), but am having a lot of trouble with texture mapping it. Because of it's huge size, there is no practical way to texture it aside from a very repetative tiling.

Digging through a lot of archives (and recalling the success of the Mars surveyor project), it seems that the JAI can be used to provide large images for rendering. However, it's hard to find any documentation on this. If I create my ImageTexture3D by reference with a JAI derrived image, will it in fact be treated as a raster of tiles with only the relevant tiles being read? Or will Java3D try to read the entire thing into a buffer and kill memory?

Also, this may be more of a JAI question, but are there good docs on how to create my own RenderableImage that is generated procedurally instead of from a disk based file?


Mark McKay

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Joined: 2004-03-17

Java 3D treats each texture as a single large image. If you want to do tiled rendering, you will need to break up the geometry and use separate textures.

-- Kevin