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[JAVA3D-INTEREST] specular lighting and vertices

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I am trying to use a SpotLight to illuminate a Shape3D holding a
GeometryArray that represents a relatively large planar surface. The
problem is that when I place the light close to the surface at a
vertex it lights that area of the surface, but when I place the
light near the center of the surface I get no light from it at all.

It looks like the specular lighting is only being applied at the
vertices, and then the resultant color distributed from there.

Does anyone know if it is possible to get the normals to be considered
across the surface? Does anyone have any other solutions to this
problem? (I am trying to avoid creating huge numbers of tiny
triangles, since I really shouldn't need them.)

--David Garfield

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Matthew Hilliard

You either have to tessellate or wait for pixel shaders.

This is a problem using fixed-function pipeline hardware--smooth lighting
calculations are done at the vertices (I believe most of them use Gouraud,
though I'm sure some higher-end cards can pull of better fixed-function


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