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Stereo-Mode for Shutter-Glasses on consumer-graphic-devices

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a question: I know all the tips about stereo and shutter glasses e.g. on But in fact there are some boards (so called: consumer-boards) by some manufacturers, which don't support the GL-Quadro-Mode - and also tips and tricks don't help to solve the problem. In the java3d-DirectX-version (I believe - correct me!) the stereo-mode never worked.

Does anybody know, how to activate the D3D-consumer-stereo-mode with Java3D on a NVIDIA-6800-GL-device for example?

Will there be a solution in comeing java3d-releases?


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Hi there,
well this is good news for all NVidia stereo fans: I just achieved to get stereo mode to run on one of the j3d demos "Geartest". I first thought, great there's a lot of stereo stuff in the java 3d api, and tried around a lot but nothing happened. No wonder, because the stereo driver from Nvidia isn't dependent on such settings, almost any game is working in stereo 3d, not just those, that have been prepared for stereo mode.
So what did I do? First of all, I turned on fullscreen exclusive mode which is a requirement for the stereo driver and second: the new opengl rendering pipeline of java 1.5 seems to be very important, because without it, well you guessed it: no stereo. So second the -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true is needed as a VM argument.
Great I thought because of all this and tried furthermore: I have this Lego app called JLug from which is really cool to play around. But this is the drawback of stereo from nvidia. As soon as you have swing or awt components displayed on the screen: no stereo again. But anyway, for me this is great news, I have been trying around on this since I found 3d possibilities in Java but all the other solutions seem to crash, so does Xith3d, JOGL(used by xith). If you have questions about my setup in detail, which versions of software and OS I use, just shoot... :-)
Oh something I forgot: If you have red/green-glasses and a NVidia graphics card, you are already prepared to have plastic 3d on your java3d app/game. I hope some day this stereo stuff will get more popular...

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