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[OT] generally FPS

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Hi All,
I have to write something about Realtime3D and like to know, since which number of frames per second an application is called a 3D-Realtime Environment?
is it like in Movies (24 FPS) or is it meassured in hz, so since 60 hz [could mean 60 projections per second..??] it'll become the attribute of a (roughly)realtimeapplication.

best regrads

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Rolf Gabler-Mieck

Hi all,
for cleaning up this thread, I post some answers given in comp.realtime ng,

"In simple words a real time system has a real time constraint
(at least one) and meet this constraint with 100% certainty
(not 99.9999%)
Many real time systems are implemented with single processors.
The problem of real time is not horse power but responsivness."

"> if I got a 3D Viewer to fly through any
> surface by pressing a key. The key.isPressed Event will be sent to
> the cpu with a higher priority and interrupts any other process to
> computing the new position of the CameraPoint directly...
> so it is a realtime application... or am I wrong again? <- (Yes I was)

It might be 'realtime' if the key press was required to be responded
to within a specific time.
Don't confuse 'running at a very high frame rate' with 'realtime'.
If there is no _requirement_ to respond within a particular period,
it ain't 'realtime' no matter how fast it is running."
In my experience the definition of "realtime" depends on who you talk
to, or
which book you read.
People marketing products like to boast that something is "realtime"
implying that it is fast.
The definition I work by is:
A real-time system is a computing system, consisting of hardware and
software that has a predictable response time to events. If the response
time is in hours, but it is predictable, the system may be considered

so, following the definitions reproduced by Frederic means that an
application is
a realtime renderer when a fixed ammount of frames has to be!
,independend how it looks and how the visualisation is splattered by
popping away get the minimal fps.....
best thanks

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I guess you can find something at

Usually anything which is rendered faster than 10FPS is considered realtime.