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.setScale effect when changing frame width

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one question about interesting(?) effect.

I have simple configuration, i.e. jframe, simpleuniverse, canvas3d, branchgroup, transformgroup, scenegraph object (sphere for example).

scenegraph constructed with default ~view~ configuration.

if I , as a user, changing jframe (appears as window on OS) width - or +, my scenegraph object also becomes smaller or bigger, similar to setScale effect.

I don't want to say, what I don't like this :), but is this normal, i.e. is this correct java3d behavior?

if I do same operation with jframe high, my scenegraph object keeps constant size.

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you can change this behaviors...
check out setViewPolicy(), setScreenScalePolicy(), setWindowEyepointPolicy() of View object.

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Yes, this is expected. It is due to the fact that Java 3D always keeps a consistent aspect ratio, and that the default policy is a fixed horizontal field of view.

-- Kevin