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[JAVA2D] Status of Windows OpenGL pipeline

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At 11:00 PM 7/23/2004, you wrote:
>looks like no one is talking about the new and promising jdk1.5 Window
>OpenGL pipeline for Java2D.

Probably because its not quite there yet and won't be for a while.


I've ditched Java2D entirely as I'm now solidly stuck on using OpenGL via
the JOGL and LWJGL bindings.

Previously, I made an entire custom GUI in Java2D, pushing it to its limit
and GL just blew performance wide open and also enabled me to jump to 3D at
the same time with lightning performance.. I am recreating the GUI I made
in Java2D directly in GL once 2.0 is released with supporting drivers.

Basically think "Project Looking Glass on speed and then some".

I spoke and demoed a good chunk of the above at my BOF at JavaOne. Cool
thing is that I am hooking all of this up with a real time audio engine
that blows away any other audio possibility with Java and beyond.

I am planning to release an open source (BSD) 3D game engine this fall that
for now is based on Quake3.. I'll soon be supporting modern 3D rendering
features available in Doom4 for the Q3 renderer and will attempt to create
a fully compliant renderer for Doom4 as soon as possible written completely
in Java. This complimenting dynamic real time spatial audio on todays
generation of technology (Athlon 1800+, etc.) on up w/ a decent 3D card
(ATI Radeon 9500+, etc.)

Of course if you got the best you run better than the rest.. ;P


Lead Developer,

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