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Java2D on JOGL

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Is anyone aware of any attempts at
(partially) implementing Java2D on
top of JOGL? The benefits of this is
the ability to use high-level Java2D
*and* low-level JOGL on the *same*
component, namely GLCanvas. This
will be incredibly and immediately
useful for real-time graphics
applications for Java.

I've queried many times on the integration
of Swing/Java2D's OpenGL pipeline
with what the JOGL team (JSR-231) is
doing. Over the past few months the
conclusion I gather is that this is
quite unlikely to happen, even for
Mustang. I can understand the technical
challenges involved, esp when a general
solution is asked for, so perhaps a
partial but specialised solution
is the way to go. If anyone knows of
any, please let me know!



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I've already replied to your post over on the forums:

So consider this topic locked.