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[JAVA2D] Discovering physical fonts

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Phil Race

> Is some solution to this a possibility for Mustang?
Pretty unlikely I'd say because we are out of time.

A significant number of random developers have asked for various
apparently sophisticated/niche capabilities in the font system
and at the end of the day most of these uses seem related
to viewing or creating PDF.
So there's a need but also apparently unsatisfied clever and
determined people have solved the problems in ways which
work around our limitations.

I've proposed that we do things in the next release after mustang
(codenamed dolphin) and take a holistic look at what we can
do to make such things easier. Lots of votes and business(*)/use cases
in comments on the various RFEs would help make the case
that this is something we can justify with JDK support.

Here's a non-exhaustive list that gives an indication of some
of the related things we would like to think about.

4356282 : RFE: T2K should be used to rasterize CID/CFF fonts
5092191 : RFE: CFF/Type2 embedded fonts not supported with Font.createFont()
6232267 : RFE: Support some TrueType Fonts which have no Microsoft names or cmaps
5029775 : RFE: Additional PDF support in Java printing implementation

(*) If there's a business case you don't feel you can broadcast you
can email it to me directly.


Peter B. West wrote:
> Phil Race wrote:
>> There is an RFE to address this.
>> 4752644 : RFE: Getting a java.awt.Font's FilePath
>> you can look it up on and read the state
>> which can be summarised as TBD .. we do have some
>> concerns about noting the embedding flags of a font.
>> -phil.
> Phil,
> I've voted for that one, and made a comment. Is some solution to this a
> possibility for Mustang? Thanks also for your comment on the OpenType
> interface.
> Peter
>> Peter B. West wrote:
>>> I'm looking at issues involved in embedding font files in PDF. Java2D
>>> is doing an increasingly impressive job of providing font facilities,
>>> most recently kerning and ligatures, to developers with a minimum of
>>> fuss. However, in situations like font embedding, the developer needs
>>> access to the physical font. Is it possible to discover the physical
>>> file within J2D?

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