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[JAVA2D] Printable and Graphics2D

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Peter B. West


Thanks for the information. I downloaded the code, and after a few
minor glitches I got it to compile in NetBeans. Correct me if I'm
wrong, but your code takes an existing PDF file and prints it. I want to
go the other way: take the Java2D rendering commands coming into a
Graphics2D object, and create the corresponding PDF commands. I don't
actually want to "print" anything, but create a new PDF file. I'll
certainly look at your implementation of the print method.

BTW, I couldn't find your presentation at JavaOne 2005. Do you have a url?


mark stephens wrote:
> In message <> you wrote:
>>This is a follow-up on my questions about GraphicsEnvironment,
>>GraphicsDevice and GraphicsConfiguration.
>>Reading the Printing with Printables section of the Programmer's Guide
>>to the Java 2D API, 1.4 edition, April 24 2001, I find that a Graphics
>>object is passed to the print method of Printable. Into this Graphics,
>>aka Graphics2D, I can render any Java2D primitives and higher structures.
>>Looking for the environmental details of this Graphics2D, I find in the
>> discussion of javax..print.StreamPrintServiceFactory a reference to the
>>Service Provider Interface with a broken link. Hunting about, I find
>>some discussion of SPI in the page on jar files. I can find no other
>>documentation concerning the provision of print services. Is there any?
>>Does it discuss issues like setting up the GraphicsDevice,
>>GraphicsConfiguration and FontRenderContext? Is there an example?
> Peter,
> We put out a GPL version of our PDF library to render PDF files which
> implements Printable and Pageable - details are at
> One of the reasons for doing this was to provide a detailled example
> of extending a JPanel and supporting printing - our talk from JavaOne
> 2005 was also on the subject and you should be able to download the
> slides.
> If you look in the class org.jpedal.PdfDecoder, you will find
> printable there.
> Regards,
> MArk
> ---

Peter B. West
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