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cvs [login aborted]: guest: no such user

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Joined: 2003-06-27

I can't login to CVS repository.

On the page:

I found the following:

<br />
"Check out source code via anonymous CVS. For example:"<br />
"cvs -d login "</p>
<p>But it doesn't work. I receive the following error:<br />
"Fatal error, aborting."<br />
"cvs [login aborted]: anoncvs: no such user"</p>
<p>Later on the same page I found:<br />
"The command to set cvsroot and login is:"<br />
"cvs -d login"<br />
"The cvs password for guest is "guest"."</p>
<p>But once again I receive an error:<br />
"Fatal error, aborting."<br />
"cvs [login aborted]: guest: no such user"<br />

Anybody has a clue ?

Thanks for your attention!

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I had also trouble with the CVS. Try this here connection string here:


and enter guest as password or leave it blank (if I remember correctly..). I got some errors that the update command is not valid (using eclipse), but after I refreshed the view it was OK.

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Create a username in Use that, in your login as follows


and login with your password.

Hope this helps,