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DHTML Studio & Php Nuke Intergration

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Hi there folks,

I'm building a website using the popular Php-Nuke portal system ( ), however by default there is no option to allow drop down menus on the top of the page for navigation.

See a sample page of my current build of the site here:

(Note the static menu items up at the top.)

A client of mine wants me to build this website for him and he's absolutely insisting on using javascript drop down menus of some sort, however I'm completely (or about 99.9% if you want to be more technical) illiterate on how to implement type of navigation.

At the moment I'm using a newbie's tool, DHTML studio ( ), which allows one to build drop down menus, however after inputting all of the necessary categories, urls, and so forth:

After plugging in the preceding data, up comes a wizard that has several questions that I don't know how to answer. The first question in the wizard can be seen in the screenshot above, and depending on which selection you choose, there are a few more questions you need to answer as you go along.

Which option should I choose to make the menu compatible with Php Nuke?

Assistant - Integration with existing web site

Do you want to insert the menu into an existing frame-driven or template-based web site?

Yes -- choose this option e.g. if you want to insert the menu into a DreamWeaver template or if you want to insert the menu...... (extended text can be found in the picture above)

No -- choose this option in all other cases (e.g. if you want to quickly generate a simple menu....... ( once again the extended text can be found in the picture above)

So which one option should I choose? Yes? No?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide ahead of time!

Best Regards,

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These forums are about java, which is something very different from javascript. Please find another site which better fits your question.
I have closed this thread for replies.