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Launch Web Browser on Linux ?

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I'd like to launch a Web Browser from my Java application.
On Windows, I'm using

<br />
 Runtime.exec("rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler "+url);<br />

How can I do a similar thing on Linux ?
The tricky part is to find the currently installed default browser.

Besides, I found that it's quite hard to launch two instances of Mozilla at the same time :-(
The first window can be launched with

<br />
 Runtime.exec("mozilla "+url);<br />

However, the second window needs to be launched with

<br />
 Runtime.exec("mozilla -remote openURL("+url+")");<br />

Is there an easier way to accomplish this ?

Thanks in advance,

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Joined: 2003-12-02

You're in luck, there's a great little tool called BrowserLauncher that works well.