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Which Kernel?

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Good morning,

Out of general curiosity does any one know which Kernel is being used for the JDS?

I like what I have been hearing about 2.6 and it would be nice if the JDS came with that version or if I was able to upgrade to it.



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I am not using JDS, but I would get that it is shipped with a 2.4.x kernel as all distribution from that release date.

On my box (IBM Thinkpad T40) I am using Mandrake 9.2 / 10.0 mix with kernel 2.6.4 with some additional patches (like supermount).

So far everything is working fine and the desktop is very fast compared with 2.4.x (I am using Gnome primary and from time to time KDE 3.2).

I haven't noticed any differences with Java applications. It feels like JEdit and Eclipse start faster and are a bit faster in runtime, but I am not sure.

Basically you could download the latest sources from [url=][/url] and compile them yourself. I don't konw how JDS is doing this but Mandrake, SuSE and Red Hat offer precompiled images for download. I am sure JDS will have something like that, too.

Before switching to Kernel 2.6.x read the readme files and howtos, there are some additions packages that must be updated!