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Docking JInternalFrame on a JDesktopPane

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Sorry for my bad english, i hope enplain the problem clean.

How can I dock a JInternalFrame on top, right, left or bottom into a JDescktopPane?
I try it with insert a JSplitPane when, for example, dock a JInternalFrame to bottom but it remain movable, maximizable, clseable, etc. This is a bad method but I' don't think another.
Anyone have a good idea?

Thanks a lot for any suggest.


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I have the same problem like you. I'm not really satisfied with my solution but may be it helps you or you have another idea and we can solve the problem together.

I set a LayoutManager on the JDesktopPane, created my JInternalFrames and added them on the JDesktopPane according to the Layout I have set. I have a menu where I can choose a menu "show properties-window". Clicking it, I make my JInternalFrame visible. So it appears where I added it in the Layout.
The Problem with that is, that you can't reseize it or drag it anywhere else on the Mainwindow.

I will check the NetBeans sourcecode, because it is used there... May be I find it.