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Running Java Desktop with Windows

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Joined: 2005-04-04

Can you run Java Desktop on a machine that has Windows XP already installed on it? I figured some boot utility would allow you to do that, right?

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Joined: 2004-05-23

You [u]can[/u] get the SJDS and WinXP to dual-boot.

Use either installer; during installation setup, find the appropriate screen to setup the disk partitions (expert mode or something). Use the default setup as your starting point and add a suitably large partition that you'll reserve for the other OS.

Proceed with the installation of the current system.

When that is sufficiently complete, boot with the other OS's installer. Then choose your previously created reserved partition to install onto.

I have done this myself both installing WixXP first and SJDS first (R 1 [i]and[/i] R2). They coexists happily!

The problem I had -- and the reason I've given up on Linux -- was that the JDS didn't support practically any of the hardware I wanted -- the display cards, the wireless cards, the power-management, and more too -- it really left me less productive than with Windows.

One tip: When you're installing the JDS, on the earliest install screen there is a menu along the bottom where you can select a resolution. [b]Use this[/b]: Select the highest setting it has. Linux tends not to support your graphics card and the JDS "sticks" at the resolution it installed at -- you will not be able to change it. If you make this selection, JDS will 'stick' at this resolution instead of the (usually lower) default. Note that this doesn't help you get more colors! I gave up on all this.

I may attempt to write a Windows 'survival' guide or something -- how to actually quite nicely utilize this fine operating system; and waste less time starting out on the myriad of options that stop short of delivering you a tool. What's more: I used to be an exclusive Mac user -- which is a tough thing to get out of using exclusively; but when I migrated all the way out of the music and media industries and into software it no longer was appropriate. I love this PC the way I have always loved my computers -- just like I did the TRS-80 Model III!

Good luck though; and in truth, a lot should be said for having a dual-boot machine! This is without doubt an excellent test platform! With a dual-boot laptop, you take 2 OS's anywhere and test!

- Steev.