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New to Java

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I'm a student at University of Kent UK. I'm completely new to java but I need to to an unaided project using it.

I'm on a home PC with no software, except I've downloaded and installed the jdk-1_5_0-windows-i586 off the sun site.

My question is....

How do i go about writing mt java, what do i write it in, what do i use to compile it, what can i run my java programs with. I was hoping I would understand it once installing the above file.

Lots of help would be greatly appreciated, like I said I'm a complete new comer to java, having only programmed in Basic at school.

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You can write the code in notepad. But you can also use something called an IDE. It will help out alot. Eclipse is a good IDE. Also, be sure to check out the Sun Java tutorial too.

Sun's Java Tutorial:

Get Eclipse here: