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Problems with / and \ compatibility

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I have to load some files. I read the path names from an XML file, and lets say I have a string like "data\images\myimage.png". If I load this with ImageIO it will work ok under Windows, but it won't work under Linux, probably because of the usage of the \ slash instead of the /

So is there a way to universally load file names no matter which slashes are used? Or if not, then how can I find out which slash is used by the current system? Then in case the / is sued I could go through the string and replace where necessary...

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It's probably best to replace all "/" and "\" characters with File.separator in your pathnames. String.replace() should accomplish that easily enough.

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/ should work, even in windows platform

To know the specific path separator for your platform, try:
- System.getProperty("file.separator");
- File.pathSeparator
- File.pathSeparatorChar
- File.separator
- File.separatorChar

See javadoc for File class for more info