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How to capture keyevent/Mouseclick event on Actual Desktop

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we have to build Remote Client utility in which client will access the desktop of remote computer.........
We can take the screenshot of desktop of remote computer and send it to the client who want to access the desktop through RMI but the problem is here at every click event we need to take the screenshot, but how can we capture the each and every event on Desktop.
plz help me

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As far as I know there are numerous programs which allows user to capture screen shots or videos, for ex I use [url=]Screen Vidshot[/url]. It captures everything what happens on the screen or on it's particular part... I'm satisfied with the results...
But I've never heard about any automatic detection of actuvity in such programs! There is an opportunity to find out how the operational system find out that there is any activity and create your own tool which will make screen shot or video everytime somethin hapens on the screen or there are any movement of mouse pointer...