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Comm-API: Windows download missing

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I wanted to download the Communications API for accessing the serial port for Windows but the appropriate download seems to be got lost.

At there are downloads for Linux and Solaris only ... so does anybody know what happened with the Windows-version?


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here i found the old javax.comm

Joined: 2003-06-10

This is my Java COMM example for Windows.

Sun does not need to give windows version of Java COMM, we have had library for years now. I have used it +1 year and it works great (win 2K and XP machines). It implements Sun COMM API so all Sun tutorials and examples run without changes.

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I have downloaded your example source code and I do not know how to link the rxtx jar file in my project? The comm.jar file provided is the newest from java but it gives me a solris error since I am running it on a windows environment.

Also for the rxtxcomm.jar file it has been added but how do I link it in my class file

example for the comm.jar, i use import java.comm.*

what do i do for the rxtxcomm.jsr???

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I'm also looking for it!

Where did it go?

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If I remember correctly, Sun has not and does not plan to release a Windows implementation of that api. I think that there are numerous third party implementation, however. came up in a google search for serial port libraries, as did several forum posts that javax.comm was to be discontinued for Windows in v3.0

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> If I remember correctly, Sun has not and does not
> plan to release a Windows implementation of that api.

Sun [b]did[/b] release a Windows implementation of the API in the past. They silently dropped it at the end of last year. Without any announcement, and probably in violation of Sun's own end-of-life product handling process:

[i]Optional Packages

Once the End-of-Life process starts on the last instance of an optional package, a notice will be posted on all relevant download pages stating that the product has entered the EOL process and how long the process will continue until the product is no longer supported by Sun. Generally, an optional package will follow the EOL timeframe of the last SDK that supports the optional package. However, there may be other cases where an optional product follows a different EOL timetable. Once the product has completed the EOL process, the download links will be moved to the EOL and Product Archive page ( for historical purposes and to allow developers to resolve issues with unsupported EOLd products[/i]

The end of the Windows JavaComm implementation was not announced on the download page. The last version was not moved to the mentioned archive. I tried multiple times to get some official statement from Sun regarding the future of JavaComm for windows (I had a couple of products depending on them). Sun couldn't be bothered to reply.

But it gets worse. The license prohibits redistribution of the implementation. So even if you have that old release, you can't legally redistribute it. I always asked my customers to download the implementation from, because I couldn't bundle it. Can you imagine the fun when new customers couldn't find it? I had to refund quite a number of customers who of course immediately became ex-customers. I had to stop distribution of a software until I had a version using RxTx. I lost quiet some money and customers.

Thank you very much, Sun :-(

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I agree! I built a Java application which needs serial communication, and one of the main design arguments over the C# development was the free COMM API...

Sun, give it back to us!!!

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I've just been looking for it too.
Lucky I have an older version on my machine, but I was looking for an update.

Where has this gone??