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JGoodies Swing Suite 1.3 Released

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Joined: 2003-06-11

I have released the version 1.3 of the JGoodies Swing Suite.

:: Introduction ::
The JGoodies Swing Suite provides components and solutions
that complement Swing to solve common user interface tasks.
It advocates a UI production process that lets you save time
and money while ensuring consistent and elegant design.

The Swing Suite is built upon our free libraries, adds support,
example applications, a bunch of custom components, prebuilt
panels, dialogs and frames. All intended to help you start with
Swing quickly and build rich client applications efficiently.

The Swing Suite libraries have been tested by over 150,000 users
of our freeware on Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, OS/2 and
other platforms.

:: Main Benefits ::
+ Your applications look better with our precise look&feels
+ You lay out and implement better screens faster
+ You get a good starting point for your next Swing project
+ You learn from our examples how to build good Swing apps
+ You are more productive with our convenience solutions

:: Fair Trade ::
Your purchase helps Java. Your money will be used to maintain
and improve our products, tools, demos, libraries and to finance
our Java desktop activities - all will be given back to you.
We are not inherently interested in money but in a fair trade.

:: More Information ::
Screenshots -
Trial Downloads -
Feature Details -

Best regards,
Karsten Lentzsch
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