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JGoodies Forms 1.0.4 Released

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Joined: 2003-06-11

Build better screens faster

The JGoodies Forms framework helps you lay out and
implement elegant Swing panels quickly and consistently.
It makes simple things easy and the hard stuff possible,
the good design easy and the bad difficult.

This maintenance release fixes bugs, comes with a simpler API
and provides more JavaDoc examples for frequently used methods.
A few incompatible changes won't affect the typical Forms code,
but may affect visual builder tools. See the release notes.

I've added references to visual builders that support
the FormLayout or the whole Forms layout framework.
See Visual Builders in the HTML documentation.

I've refreshed the JGoodies Forms Demo too. It utilizes
the Forms and demonstrates several everyday layout tasks
that you cannot implement with the JRE's GridBagLayout,
SpringLayout (out-of-the-box), or TableLayout.

Many thanks to the customers of the JGoodies Swing Suite
and to Sun's Java Desktop team. It is only with their money
that I can offer and maintain this library for free.

I hope Forms helps you build better screens faster.

Best regards,
Karsten Lentzsch

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