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JGoodies Looks 1.2.2 Released

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Joined: 2003-06-11

Free High-Fidelity Windows and Multi-Platform Appearance

I've refreshed the JGoodies Looks, a bundle that consists
of a Windows look&feel and the Plastic look&feel family.
It makes your Swing applications and applets look better.
The JGoodies l&fs have been optimized for readability,
precise micro-design and usability. And they simplify the
multi-platform support by using similar widget dimensions.
And many people have reviewed them as elegant.

The maintenance update 1.2.2 fixes a problem with wide
toolbar button margins that arise in some environments
and only if you have no custom margins set. Therefore
it is recommended for NetBeans users that use the Looks.
Also this release comes with slightly better documentation.

I've refreshed the JGoodies Looks Demo too. This Demo helps you
compare the Java core l&fs with the JGoodies Windows and
Plastic looks in your Java and OS environment. I've recently
added the winlaf Windows L&f to the list of Look&Feels;
it is available only if winlaf 0.4.1 or later is in the classpath.

I provide two web pages full of screenshots of the Looks Demo
in different configurations. These demonstrate several issues
with inconsistent fonts, font sizes, widget dimensions, insets,
and font baseline alignment. See the references below.

Note: To avoid problems with incompatible class changes
it is recommended to not place the Looks JAR in the Java
extension directory! This problem isn't related to the Looks
but to any third party library with binary changes.
See also the new FAQ item #1.7.

Support is available through the users mailing list at
Please do not send personal mail.

Many thanks to the customers of the JGoodies Swing Suite
and to Sun's Java Desktop team. It is only with their money
that I can offer and maintain this library for free.
I encourage professional Looks users to help me finance
my Java desktop activities by licensing the commercial
JGoodies Swing Suite that helps you build sophisticated,
professional and rich Swing clients.

I hope the JGoodies Looks help you improve the readability,
legibility and elegance of your multi-platform screen design.

Best regards,
Karsten Lentzsch

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