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JDBInsight 3.0 EA - J2EE Performance Analysis & Management

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JDBInsight 3.0 Early Access Downloads [EA2] - Updated 24th Sept 2004

The next two releases of JDBInsight scheduled for Oct 2004 and Jan 2005 will focus on providing a comprehensive J2EE/JDBC/SQL intelligent tuning solution that goes beyond merely associating advice with a particular component type (interface or method). The first release of version 3.0 "Beautiful Evidence" will contain enhancements to the console and agent/server such as improved data collection, increased profiling coverage as well as new innovative runtime visualizations.

The second release of JDBInsight 3.0 "Intelligent Advice" will offer advice that is based on observed transaction executional patterns within the context of the profile.

JDBInsight 3.0 - *Beautiful Evidence
- Java Source Code Console Integration [90% complete - see below]
- Remote runtime system properties viewing [100% complete - see below]
- Code Sources (Jars) and Java Packages added to Call Trace Views [90% completed - see below]
- Runtime Metrics Mode [75% complete - see below] Updated
- Annotations of saved snapshots [50% complete - see below] Updated
- Statistical distributions and sparkline visualizations [50% complete - see below] Updated
- Remote active thread browser and on-demand stack/monitor dumps to console [50% complete - see below] Updated
- Database table concurrency analysis added to trace mode views
- GC, blocking and waiting JVMPI event statistics and counters integrated into trace mode views
- Additionally Call Stack Classifications (SOA, Intellij VisualFabrique, JavaServerFaces, Swing, iBatis) [10% complete - see below]
- Mac OS X port of Agent native lib allowing for running of both console and server.
- Java source code performance and data access visualizations
- Java 5 runtime shipped with installer used for running console

JDBInsight 3.0 - Intelligent Advice
- Trace API allowing for custom extension of profiler and console (Servlets, SOA, EJB methods)
- Intelligent tuning advice (JDBC, SQL, and EJB Transactions)
- Thread Deadlock Detection
- Memory Problem Detection
- Database explorer and schema comparisons
- Improved UI console integration on Mac OS X platform

*Beautiful Evidence is the title of Edward Tufte's next book on information visualization.

Early Access 2 Release Notes

Statistical Distribution of JVMPI Counter Values [Sparklines]
The server includes the ability to record statistical distributions for clock, cpu, blocking, waiting, and allocation counter values associated with transaction paths, interceptions and SQL statement executions. Within the console this is visualized within the average columns for the above counters. Moving the mouse over the embedded cell icon provides a more informative graphic. Further work on graphical representations combining all counters in a single view is planned for EA3.

Annotations of Exported Snapshots
It is now possible to attach notes to individual attribute values within a snapshot. Currently this functionality is available via the table view menus Attach Note, Open Note and Delete Note. This reduces the need to create separate textual documents noting observations found within snapshots. Now different users can collaborate in the performance engineering exercise by adding notes into the snapshot and exchanging snapshots via email. Notes are stored in a separate file that the snapshot. The notes file is simply the snapshot full filename with a ".notes" extension. This means it is also possible to restrict the viewing of notes by not sending the additional file. The notes file is automatically loaded into the snapshot on load within the console.

Notes are indicated by a red box in the top left hand corner of the cell value. In the future notes will also be visible from within tree views and other visualizations. Nearly all attribute values can be annotated with text.

Remote Server Threads Dialog
The JDBInsight console now provides the ability to query a remote JDBInsight server runtime thread pool and threads.

Swing CallStack Classifications and Versant OpenAccess JDO Snapshot
Partial callstack classification is performed for Swing classes and derived implementations. This can been in a new sample snapshot, jdo-versant-openaccess-profile-sample.snp file, installed in the /snapshots directory. The same snapshot also highlights JDBInsights support for different JDO vendor implementations.

- The view menus have been flattened to speed the switching between views and the execution of actions.
- New columns added to Paths table view aggregating statistics associated with calls within transaction invocations.
- Exporting of metrics model at server and cluster levels
- New columns added to Paths, Visits, Interceptions, Nodes, Exceptions, and SQL tables showing the value range for clock, cpu, blocking, waiting, allocations, and clock adjusted statistics
- Added callstack classification for iBatis SQL Maps and its Data Access Object framework.
- Installer now ships with a sample profile snapshot of JPetStore 4.0 using iBatis running on Tomcat 4.1.x.
- Changed default filters config to filter out dynamic proxy classes ($Proxy)
- Callstack list cell renderer now displays class information tooltip when mouse over class icon.