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JDIC Released !

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As an update release to 0.8.6, JDIC is released. For now, only the binary for Linux is provided:

This release fixes two critical, known problems:
- The Browser component(API) only works with mozilla 1.4. Refer to issue#87 for details:

Now it works with mozilla 1.4 through 1.8a4 using either gtk1.2 or gtk2.

- Building the JDIC (in specific, Browser component) source requires building a Mozilla source first. Refer to issue#119:

Now it builds against Gecko SDK and a Mozilla binary, both are downloadable from

The same fix applies to Solaris as well. But for Windows, the code base is different, we'll need to find a similar fix.

Darin Fisher (darin) helped hacking the code to make the fix. Thanks a lot to Darin.

Check below page for all the release notes for the JDIC releases:

Cheers !

JDIC Team.