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XML Editor 5.0

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We are glad to announce a new release of the XML Editor .
Version 5.0 of the XML Editor adds XSLT 2.0 capabilities to the editor and debugger. Additionally there are available a new XPath 2.0 evaluator, an XQuery Editor, WSDL Editor and SOAP Analyzer, SVG Viewer and a lot of other new features and improvements.

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XML Editor can be freely evaluated for 30 days and can be purchased for a price of $96 ($48 for academic use)(

New in XML Editor 5.0

* XSLT 2.0 Editor and Debugger
* Mapping from the output result to stylesheet and source locations
* XPath 2.0 evaluator
* XQuery 1.0 Editor
* Dynamic content completion support for XSLT editing
* WSDL Editor and SOAP Analyzer
* Support for DTD comments as annotations
* Annotated DTDs
* Latest DocBook DTD and stylesheets
* Default scenarios for DocBook and TEI
* SVG Viewer
* XML refactory - rename element
* XML refactory - split element
* XML refactory - join elements
* Project enhancements
* Batch validate with external schema
* Generate element content on content completion
* Enhanced support for XSD driven content completion
* Enhanced support for Relax NG driven content completion
* Dynamic content completion support for XML Schema editing
* Present root element annotations on the new XML dialog
* Macros in the parameter values for transformations
* External tools macros for debugger selected files
* XPath evaluation on XSLT documents
* CSS Editor
* JavaScript Editor
* Highlight the current line

Best Regards,
Development Team