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Abeille Forms Designer 1.2 Released

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Abeille Forms Designer 1.2 has been released.

Abeille Forms Designer is a GUI builder for Swing-based applications. Developers and designers can create complex, professional GUIs in minutes. Designers can drag and drop components onto a WYSIWYG editor. Full support for undo/redo and copy/paste is provided. Components can be easily customized by adding images or modifying their properties. Advanced fill effects are supported such as textures and gradients.

*3rd Party Java Bean Support
*Supports Swing Components
*Borders, Gradients, Textures, Images, and Shadow Effects
*Intuitive Layout Rules (based on JGoodies FormLayout)
*Powerful, easy-to-use, open source API (BSD license)
*Supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X

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Joined: 2003-07-11

Forms created with the designer may be used in commercial applications free of charge.