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DBDataControl v2 released

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The DBDataControl provides an efficient way to manage your data within a rich client environment.
By writing very little code, you can produce robust data entry screens in a variety of presentation styles. - Screen Shots - Download Evaluation


* Component specific Features
100% Pure Java
Small Footprint <160k
Multithreaded - will not lock up Swing based applications
Advanced event model
Will work with JDK1.3.1 and later
Supports multiple presentation styles and datasources
DBDataControls can be defined in external XML files

* Connectivity Features
Connects to any JDBC1.2 database driver
Auto-generates UPDATE,INSERT & DELETE SQL syntax
Accepts pooled JDBC connection objects
Uses prepared statements for maximum performance

* FormPresentation Features
Allows single record editing
Automatically validates user input as they type
Provides VCR style control for navigating through records
Automatically positions labels and input fields

* FreeFormPresentation Features
Same as FormPresentation but with the ability to custom position fields and labels using a TableLayout manager

* GridPresentation Features
Allows mulitple record editing
Supports Column Header toggle sorting
Allows Multiple cell editors such as ComboBox, CheckBox and Calendar
Supports custom edit masks
Supports custom column widths
Supports Context help on Column Headers
Hide/Show individual columns
Set Column background Colors or Gradients
Hide/Show Horizontal & Vertical grid lines
Add icons and Text to Column Headers

A Demo Application with full source code is available which demonstates the use of DBDataControl with a MySQL database. - Demo Application

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Hello, I'm looking for your DBDataControl, but your applook site seems to be closed.
Do you have news?