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[Announcement] JDIC 0.9 Released!

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Joined: 2004-09-29

Dear all,

After a series of 0.8.x releases, JDIC comes to a milestone 0.9 release with a couple of new features and APIs:

Check out a complete list of bug fixes in 0.9 release:

What's new in this release:
- New Browser APIs supporting DOM/javascript execution support
- Add a method documentCompleted on the WebBrowserListener
- JDIC Browser now works with Mozilla using gtk1.2 on Solaris
- Balloon Messages for Tray icon.
- implement getLocaiontOnScreen() for TrayIcon on Windows.
- Tray Icon popup menu close when focus is lost.
- A cross-platform release.

Check out George Zhang (georgez)'s blog "Where's JDIC Going?" for an overall project update as of release 0.9:


JDIC Team.