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JFDraw Free Version 1.6.0 Released

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Dear lady/gentleman,

Our product, Java based vector drawing application and package, JFDraw 1.6.0 Free Version is now available for download.

You're welcomed to visit our web site at

>> JFDraw Free Version download:

>> JFDraw Free Applet online:

>> JFDraw Developer Guide:

Upgrades in JFDraw 1.6.0:

>Internationalization for up to 12 languages, includes English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

>Load from web libraries and templates in Library panel.

>Hide/Show shapes under menu Settings->Shape settings->Hide shape.

>A new JFReader and JFWriter to replace all the existent DataInputStream and DataOutputStream IO processing routines in JFDraw.

Best regards,