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MagicDraw UML 9.5 Released

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No Magic is pleased to announce the release of our new MagicDraw UML Version 9.5

The latest release of the award-winning UML modeling and CASE tool includes Eclipse integration enhancements and improvements. The ability to control synchronization and other changes provides flexibility when working with MagicDraw integrated with Eclipse. For more information how to integrate MagicDraw and Eclipse, download the integration manual here

New features in version 9.5 include:

· Ability to control synchronization with Eclipse. Now you can choose synchronization modes - Manual, Code-to-Model automatic, and Automatic.
Architects can now work with models without making direct changes to the code.
· Ability to create model pieces from Java libraries in Eclipse.
· Deleting in MagicDraw will not delete source code in Eclipse.
· Capability to choose between association and attribute when creating a model for the attribute in the source code.
· Startup screen now has the option, when creating a new MagicDraw project, to create the new project in Eclipse.
· Java profiles with JDK classes are included in every new MagicDraw project created in Eclipse.

Try MagicDraw v. 9.5, by downloading a new free demo version.

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