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JGoodies Validation 1.0 Open Sourced

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Joined: 2003-06-11

Validate and present validation results effectively

I've open sourced the JGoodies Validation, a library
that helps you validate user input in Swing apps and that
assists you in reporting validation errors and warnings.

The Validation library 1.0 is licensed under the terms of
the BSD open source license and is available at no charge.

This library has been designed to work with different
architectures and programming flavors, and it works with
standard and custom components, containers, and models.
It just requires Java 1.4 or later.

The Validation library provides a flexible and powerful
data validation infrastructure, assists you in separating
validation concerns, includes advanced validation result
presentations, and the accompanying tutorial demonstrates
a whole bunch of input and validation techniques.

It is recommended to read the Validation presentation
at the JGoodies articles page. Since the accompanying
tutorial uses the JGoodies Binding, a basic understanding
of Swing models and data binding techniques will help.

I've recently posted background information at
about the motivation for writing this library, some
design decisions and my role as library provider, see

All known bugs have been fixed and the library has been
tested in several beta versions. The current distribution
is now ready for production; the API is stable, and
there's some guidance how to work with the library:
tutorial sources, a demo (utilizing the tutorial),
a presentation, HTML documentation, and API docs.

The Validation library has been financed by sponsors and
customers of the JGoodies Swing Suite. It is only with
their money that I can provide this library at no charge.
If you save time and money using the Validation, please
help me finance my Java desktop activities by licensing
the commercial Swing Suite.

Due to the high volume of email I receive, I must give
support for commercial Swing Suite licensees a strong
preference. Also: Please do not send personal mail
Instead use the user mailing lists at!

I hope the JGoodies Validation helps you implement your
input validation and validation result presentation.

Best regards,
Karsten Lentzsch

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