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XTT - Smart Web Clients for Java v5.0 Released

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Jim Villano
Joined: 2006-02-17

XTT v5.0 Released !!-- Try the XTT Demo and see for yourself the type of Rich Internet Application functionality that can be delivered using XTT:

The XTT Demo is a StockTrader Demo Application connects directly with Yahoo.Finance web services. With Java 1.5 the size of the application is only 32KB -- and the XTT client JAR (which manages the communication between the remote client application and the XTT servlet in the app server) is only 100KB both the custom application and the XTT libraries are downloaded only once to the client.

Instead of re-inventing a whole new client technology, XTT takes Java and makes all the existing standards and any 3rd party components work together seamlessly, thus eliminating the majority of pitfalls from Java projects. Since the need for infrastructure design and data synchronization models is managed by XTT, it allows a developer to write business logic in a standard fashion, in standard Java, and thus greatly enhancing ROI and reducing project risk.

The resulting XTT application is thin and distributable automatically, deployment decisions can be taken at any point, deciding whether all, or part of an application will be browser based, self-updateable Java WebStart based, or as a desktop application. XTT v5.0 enables the seamless build of rich thin-client complex transactional Swing based UI applications for the SOA Enterprise against Web Services, Object Persistence Layers, Relational Databases, and even call remote Java logic on the App server.

To find out more go to: