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[ANN] Week and day of week selection in the new version of Java Date Picker

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On April 7, 2005 Stand By Soft, Ltd. just released Java Date Picker 4.0, a suite of professional date components for Swing. The major improvement of this new version is the possibility to select weeks and days of week. A week can be selected by clicking on its number and a day of week by clicking on its label (Tue for Tuesday, for instance).

Here is a list with all the important changes:

* Added support for week selection and day of week selection.

* Added support for multiple date selection with simple mouse clicks (no CTRL+click required).

* Added JGoodies Plastic LF integration.

* Improved documentation for the client properties used by the components.

* Improved usability for the demo application and tutorial.

* Fixed today date synchronization at midnight.

* Other bug fixes.

This year, Java Date Picker has been nominated for JDJ Readers Choice Award in the Best Java Component category. If you are a fan, please consider voting for us at Thank you!

For additional information or trial version, please visit

Best regards, The Java Date Picker Team.