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jga 0.7: Generic Algorithms for Java

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jga: Generic Algorithms for Java, release 0.7 is now available at

jga is a functors library: the intent is to explore and exploit functors as a design and implementation tool to reduce boilerplate coding. A functor is an object that encapsulates a function or expression: it can take arguments and produce results, as can any method, expression, or function (in other languages that support functions). Unlike an expression, as an object it can be passed as an argument without being executed; it can be persisted to a database or file; it can be serialized and passed from client to server (and back); and it can be instantiated at runtime based on information unavailable at compile-time.

The hilights of this release are;

* Support for the Java 1.5.0_02
* The new FunctorParser (and it's typesafe extension GenericParser) allow functors to be described using java-like syntax: the parser creates the functor that implements the logic described in the expression.
* Hacker's Worksheet is the next phase in the evolution of the Spreadsheet engine included in the prior release. This application uses the FunctorParser to implement a spreadsheet whose expression langauge looks like java in most respects.

This release is compatable with either Java 1.4 or Java 1.5.