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Summit Groupware update released

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Powder Software is pleased to announce the latest release of Summit Groupware. Summit Groupware offers email, calendar, and contact management functionality on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris.

Summit Groupware is a J2EE application featuring a rich, Swing based desktop client application, a web browser interface for remote users, and a lightweight web browser based interface for handheld users (Palm Treo, Smartphones, etc.). Summit Groupware is built on JBoss, and can be used with Oracle, Postgres or Derby as the back end data store.

Screenshots and trial versions of Summit Groupware are available at Trial options include a Java Web Start based demo that accesses a demo server on the Internet, as well as a download of the full client/server package limited to 10 users.

Powder Software will be showcasing Summit Groupware at Linuxworld in Toronto, Canada on April 19-20, 2005 (booth #807).

Powder Software is offering free licenses to any organization that supports one or more full-time employees devoted to the development of open source software, at a rate of 250 seats per full time developer. Please contact us for more information regarding this offer at