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DataMovil 2.2 is released

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DataMovil ( is a platform for fast development of PDA applications. It is composed of a CDC/Personal Profile client, a server and a Swing-based editor. It is based on XForms 1.0. For info, contact
The new version can be downloaded for a 30 days period in two variants. One is for desktop evaluation that includes the server administration (including a web server and a relational database), a PDA emulator and a Swing-based editor od DataMovil-XForms. The other is a complete CD-image that also includes the desktop evaluation.
Documentation is also available for download separately.

Version 2.2 includes many enhancements over version 2.1. Some of them are:

- Image support
- New upload control. Used, for example, for file attachments and signature capture
- New look and navigation buttons for faster access to browser functions
- New automatic retrieval of new applications or versions of applications from the server
- New automatic transmission of locally stored data to the server upon the establishment of a connection with the server

- Web server included and installed by default
- Relational database included and installed by default

- New editor Swing Java based for improved productivity
- Complete support of the DataMovil XML
- Quick preview of single and groups of elements
- Published DataMovil XML Schema supporting the development
- Improved API for dynamic DataMovil applications