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Visual Paradigm for UML 5.0 Released

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Visual Paradigm is pleased to announce that Visual Paradigm for UML 5.0 version has been released which adopts a refreshing new user interface with numerous tailored modeling and usability guaranteed to satisfy and impress you.

What is Visual Paradigm for UML?
Visual Paradigm for the Unified Modeling Language (VP-UML) is a full-featured UML CASE tool supporting real-time bi-directional round-trip code-model synchronization. VP-UML supports the latest standards of Java and UML notations so as to support the full round-trip code generation and code reverse engineering for Java.
Moreover, VP-UML supports Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) and EJB Development by acting as a bridge between object model, data model and relational database, and supports the generation and synchronization of database and code including POJO and EJB to reduce the development time.