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SQLCreator 2.0 Beta 2 - SQL Query / Developer Tool

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Announcing the release of SQLCreator 2.0 Beta 2. SQLCreator is an SQL query / developer tool designed to interact with many diverse relational database management systems. SQLCreator makes extensive use of database metadata to automatically build common queries.

SQLCreator is available free of charge. With version 2.0 it is also possible to purchase an upgrade to SQLCreator Professional. During the Beta test period it is possible to use the following registration details to try the professional features:

Owner: SQLCreator Beta 2

To activate the professional features, select the 'Register...' item from the 'Help' menu and enter both the Owner and Key within the dialog.

More Information:

Windows Download:
Linux Download:


Multiple database support, SQLCreator supports many JDBC databases and is capable of multiple concurrent connections to the same and different data sources.

Full database navigation, a hierarchical tree representation of the database is available as well as the ability to search for database objects by table and/or column name.

Automatically maintained SQL statements, all SQL statements that have been successfully executed are automatically stored within the Statement Navigator.

SQL script execution, improved script execution support.

Advanced SQL editor, in addition to the standard editing facilities (Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Find, Replace, etc.) the SQL editor supports syntax highlighting and code completion on tables, columns and keywords.

Tabbed editors, SQL editing has been improved with the addition of multiple tabbed editors.

Mistyped keyword highlighting, highlighting of common keyword misspellings with automatic prompts to replace with the correct keywords.

Condition insertion, allows automatic condition insertion for where clauses.

Relationship map, the relationship map graphically represents both the parent and child tables associated with the currently selected table and can create SQL queries based on the tables selected.

Connection wizard, easing the creation of new database connections, the connection Wizard dynamically adapts to the JDBC driver automatically creating a new database connection definition. The connection Wizard is able to create connections for Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Cache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAPDB, Pointbase and HSQLDB.

Statement history, all successfully executed statements are retained within the statement history along with their results, allowing a point in time snapshot of a given statement's results.

Connection alerts, any connection can be defined with an Alert. When enabled an Alert border is automatically displayed whenever the connection is active.

Other features include:
Parameter support
RTF clipboard support
User defined date formats
Viewing of supported image types (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ICO, TIFF) held within the database.
Exporting SQL statement results (CSV & TXT).
Creation of select, insert, update and delete statements.
Creation of queries based on a selected table or column.
Statement formatting (Indent/Outdent, Change Case & Comments).
RSS stream reader, for up-to-the-minute news and technical information.
Properties held against database objects, database connections and statements.
Execute Recent

Professional Features

Data editor, enables direct editing of table data. Insert, Update & Delete table data without writing SQL statements. Supports editing of all standard JDBC data types (including Varbinary and BLOB). Each data type has an editor specifically designed to ease manipulation.

Detail pane, displaying details on the currently selected database object, with links to frequently used actions.

XML, HTML & RTF export, allowing the export of query data in popular standard formats.

Statement reformatting, allows simple reformatting of SQL statements.

Execute selection / Execute Selection As Script, enables the execution of either part of a statement or one of many statements within an editor.

Centralised administration, supporting shared database connection configurations. SQLCreator Professional is designed to allow both deployment and configuration centrally.

Split editors, SQLCreator Professional supports split editors, enabling the editing and execution of statements & data side by side.

Compare catalogs / schemas, enables the comparison of table structures between different catalogs and schemas.

Create table & index dialogs, create tables and indexes using automated dialogs.