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JGui 2.01 released

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Changes :

Added four new components:

* HtmlButton
* ShapeButton
* ShapeToggleButton
* TaskPane/TaskPaneContainer

Bug fixes.

About JGui:

JGui includes:
* Docking windows framework
* Dynamic Tree Framework
* ThreadManager - helps to distribute tasks to a number of threads
* TLToolTipManager - shows hidden parts of JTree's and JLabel's cells.
* JShape - not rectangular translucent components.
* Two layout managers: ToolBarLayout and RainLayout :

o ToolBarLayout - was designed for use as LayoutManager for tool bar's dock container
ToolBarLayout supports horizontal and vertical orientation, supports
multiple rows and can wrap components around if there are not anough
place. Its usage is very simple - all you need to provide is a Point
object as constraint.

o RainLayout also supports horizontal and vertical orientation and multiple rows.
It can also order components according to to Comparator provided by its container (target).

* JGuiTabbedPane - a TabbedPane implementation.

o tabs are real JToggleButtons
o don't get lost anymore in dozen of tabs - JGuiTabbedPane provides tab sorting and filtering
o change tab placement with drag and drop
o vertical tabs orientation for left and right tabs placement
o auto mnemonics
o full keyboard navigation

* JGui provides also easy way to rotate (90 or 270 grad) JButtons, JToggleButtons and JLabels.
* ButtonPanel / FoldableButtonPanel
* IconifyBar / [/b]TaskBar[/b]
* TaskPane / TaskPaneContainer
* GSplitPane - this JSplitPane-like component can be splitted infinitely and used with both (!) Swing and AWT.
GSplitPane is fully integrated into JGui Docking system.
* ScrollPaneNavigator
* JHistogram
* ImagePanel - this component always has (possibly translucent) border which makes work with images a bit easier.
* Buttons:
o SToggleButton and SCheckBoxMenuItem - selected state of buttons is shared through SelectableAction.
o ShapeButton and ShapeToggleButton - buttons with arbitrary shape.
o HtmlButton