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Wingz 1.0.7 : Swing and RIA framework

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ZValley is pleased to announce the release of Wingz 1.0.7 code-named tiger ! This release is focus on code maturity (more than 30 bugs fixed) and increase in functionality.

New features :

- ZToolBar : An improved toolbar that can be reorganized by the user with an specific UI.
When the toolbar is resized, if a component becomes invisible, an arrow button
appears and all hided component are added to its popup menu. Furthermore, you can
dynamicaly show/hide or add/remove content in your toolbar.
- ZExplorerbar : A tabbed navigation tool that lets the user switch between a group
and configure group visibility. This component is a mix between a tabs and a toolbar.
- ZTextField : Added helperText feature wich let you show to your user information
text or field role inside the textfield.
- ZImage : an asynchronous image loading component wich permit to show big picture
without blocking the User interface. An infinitateprogress could be set
during the loading.

Fixed Bugs :

- Fixed issue on ZOutlookBar, which expend too much the current panel.
- ZPlatform : Integration of the new ZToolBar wich remove ugly multiple toolbar
- Fixed issue on table searching feature user interface, wich sometimes do not
saved current search.
- Fixed issue on ZTable hide/unhide column feature
- ZTableView : All swing function to manipulate data are removed, from this component.
You can access these function via the ZTable component.getTable().
- ZTextField : Fixed issue with java 1.5 and metal which paint a blue gradiant on arrow.
- ZCalendar : Fixed visual issue with 1.5 in metal.
- ZPlatform : Fixed visual issue on Back and Forword button with metal 1.5
- WingzCRM : Added some content and icons.
- ZTextField : Fixed issue when sometimes when the textfield do not have focus, it
doesn't show content.
- ZContainer : Fixed issue when a zcontainer is minimized, with a changing of
visual look.
- ZBanner : Fixed some bugs on setTitle().
- ZPlatform : show screen by using screen object and not only by screen name
- ZCalendarEvent : When a new Ui is set, the title was showed.
- Severals polish on wingz demos
- ZPref : Some visual and cosmetic change on preference dialog dependings on the
choosen struct.
- Platform : Default look and feel strategy have been changed to Windows look for windows os and
metal for all other OS.
- javadoc : polish and fixed bugs on documentation.