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DB Visual Architect 2.0 for JBuilder(20050624e) Released

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Visual Paradigm DB Visual ARCHITECT for JBuilder (DBVA-JB) is a plug-in for JBuilder which supports full-featured Object-Relational Mapping (ORM).

DBVA-JB automates the mapping between object model, data model and relational database, generates code and database schema according to the object model and data model defined in the class diagram, EJB diagram and entity relationship diagram. DBVA-JB supports the latest and full UML 2.0 diagrams and notations for visual modeling and also the standards of Java notations for generating code.

In order to fully support ORM, DBVA-JB generates a reliable and high-performance persistence layer between object and relational models which reduces the risk of developing it manually.

Moreover, DBVA-JB supports EJB development extensively by providing the EJB diagram for modeling the EJB system, automating Entity Bean to Database mapping and generating Enterprise JavaBeans and mapping layer.
Visual Paradigm is pleased to announce that DB Visual ARCHITECT 2.0 for JBuilder has been released with numerous modeling and usability enhancement guaranteed to satisfy your database application development.

What's new in DBVA 2.0 for JBuilder?

Mapping One Class to Multiple Tables