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JGSL 1.0 Released

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Project Overview
The primary goal of the Java Graphics Scripting Language (JGSL) is to create a simple yet powerful language that will allow non-programmers to access the graphics capabilities of Java. There are many scripting languages available in the Java open source arena but the JGSL will distinguish itself by providing a programming environment focused on computer graphics. This language can be a useful tool for teaching non-technical users the concepts and uses of computer. The selection of the Java platform for the basis of this scripting language is a natural one. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) offers feature rich object-oriented language that provides type safety, automatic memory management, multi-threading and platform neutral code execution. The Java 5 Standard Edition (version 1.5) platform contains the Java Application Programming Interface (API), which provides a rich set of 2D and 3D graphics capabilities. The JGSL will use and extend these capabilities to implement its scripting language environment.
Current Status
Version 1.0 is available as source or binary distribution. . This version of JGSL represents a vertical slice into the capabilities of the system. The overall goal is to deliver a framework upon which future enhancements can be added with little disruption to the overall application architecture. Upon completion of this project the JGSL will be released as open source software. Here is a simple example:
1 begin
3 canvas (640, 480, BLACK, WHITE, "line");
5 line (25, 25, 100, 75);
7 end
To download and install the JGSL the online or offline installer is available.

Java Runtime Environment 1.5 is required for the JGSL. Visit to download and install or use the Java Web Start installer.