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XTT v5.2 Thin Client Java Swing Apps

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Jim Villano
Joined: 2006-02-17

XTT v5.2 Now Supports NetBeans 4.1 and Eclipse 3.1!! -- Watch the expert presentation on XTT featured at Javalobby –

You can even download the XTT StockTrader Demo featured in the presentation and try it for yourself:

XTT minimizes both transmission bandwidth and app server load , since you actually deploy thin-client Java Swing applications to the client device. Once the application is downloaded all that is sent back and forth are the changes in the data via XML over HTTP/PS -- we are not building and serving pages every time data is submitted.

XTT v5.2 enables the RAD creation of rich data-bound transactional, thin-client, applications for the SOA Enterprise using Web Services, Object Persistence Layers (Hibernate, JDO, and POJOs), Relational Databases, and even remote Java logic on the App server.

To download a FREE Community Edition of XTT go to: