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Wingz 1.0.9 RIA and swing framework

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ZValley is pleased to announce the release of Wingz 1.0.9 code-named shark ! This release is focus on platform and bug correction.

New Features :

- MDIStruct : a new platform struct, with a mdi workzone.This struct could be usefull for professional application and let the user see multiple screen at a time.

- ZDesktopPane : an extension of JDesktopPane with placement features.

- Text widget (ZTextField, ZNumberField, ZDateField, ZTextPane, ZTextArea) have an antialias property. Antialiasing is off by default but you can
easily activate it.

- ZDialog : an extension of JDialog with effects and new location methods.

- ZPlatform : Element of the structs (toolbar, menubar, ...) can be access
directly in your code for customisation.

- ZComClient : now an event is fire when the query is completed or when
a connection error occur. You can use listener to make useful action
on this two case.

- ZArrayList has a sort method. You can use comparator to sort ZArrayList and DynaBean in place

Changes :

- Fixed issue on ZTableView on title bar alignment.
- Fixed issue on ZNumberField focus.
- Fixed issue on HtmlRenderer : now base URL can be set.
- ZPlatform : fixed issue on screen's adding method. Now only addScreen
method is allowed and addScreenToWorkZone is deprecated. Screen added
before setting the struct are preloaded if they have the LoadOnStartUp
flag to true.
- ZPlatform : fixed issue on visibility management. Now the Visibility manager
is disabled by default.
- ZPlatform : tips index path can now be set with an url or a filename.
- ZPlatform : fixed issue on history buttons.
- ZPanelCard : fixed issue on history management
- ZCalendarDay : ZCalendarDay honor magneticTime properties correctly
- ZLabel : fixed issue on decimal precision. Now it can be set even if no
value haven't be sets
- ZTable : fixed editing focus issue that hid part of the text.