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JGoodies Looks 1.3.2 Released

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Joined: 2003-06-11

Free High-Fidelity Windows and Multi-Platform Appearance

I've released the JGoodies Looks 1.3.2 maintenance update.
This version fixes a couple of bugs, most noticably in the
drop shadow feature. Also the source code style has been
slightly improved. See the RELEASE-NOTES.txt for details.

The JGoodies Looks is a bundle that consists of a professional
Windows look&feel and the Plastic look&feel family.
These L&fs make your Swing apps and applets look better.
The JGoodies L&fs have been optimized for readability,
precise micro-design and consistency. And they simplify the
multi-platform support by using similar widget dimensions.
In addition many people have reviewed them as elegant.

The JGoodies Looks library is licensed under the terms of
the BSD open source license and is available at no charge.

Please do not send personal mail if you have
questions around the Looks. Instead please follow
the support instructions described in the README.html
and at the project home page. Basically you should use
the user mailing lists at!

The JGoodies Looks have been financed by customers
of the JGoodies Swing Suite and by the Sun desktop crew.
It is only with their money that I can provide, maintain,
and improve this library at no charge. If you save time
and money using the Looks, please help me finance my Java
desktop activities by licensing the commercial Swing Suite.

I hope the JGoodies Looks package improves the readability,
consistency and elegance of your multi-platform screen design.

Best regards,
Karsten Lentzsch

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