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New feature runs queries by clicking links; less typing required. Makes it easier to find Java examples.

Searching for a Class-name (or Interface-name) will now return a list of every method on that class which JExamples contains examples of; in addition it will show an entry labeled "new" if it has examples that instantiate the class and an entry for any extends/implements examples. Each entry in the list is a link, and clicking it will run a query for that Class.method, or instantiation, etc., thereby allowing drill-down into the examples for any Class.

Previously, a query for a Class-name was interpreted as a request to see code that instantiates an instance of that class. The new behavior helps you find examples faster because of less typing and the ability to search by clicking a link; it also reveals more of our database content. is a free website that helps Java developers find high quality examples of virtually any Java API. JExamples uses code analysis and a search engine to find examples in many well known Java open source products (e.g. Ant, Spring, Tomcat). The search results are ordered according to user rating, so the examples voted best sort first; also, clicking one of the 5 line previews shown in the search results will display the entire source file.