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"kbforge", a new generation desktop search application using JDIC

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Joined: 2005-12-05 is pleased to announce the first public release of "kbforge", a new free desktop search application specifically designed for software developers.
What differentiates kbforge from other desktop search programs, is its ability to assist the user in categorising the information before it is indexed. Using databases and collections of databases, kbforge can categorise information into meaningful subject matters. A host of other features and options make kbforge the ultimate tool for finding that elusive program fragment, or example or article.
kbforge uses JDIC for web browing, previewing search results, and quick launch tray.
It also uses Lucene for indexing and searching, and Unlike most other Lucene based applications, kbforge uses Lucene as the default database manager as well.
Its companion product,, provides a wide choice of database managers and additional features.

kbforge is a Java application, and possibly the first of its kind to run under Linux as well as Windows, and soon under Mac OS.

kbforge v1.20 can be downloaded completely free from

Victor Negrin